Only Time Will Tell


Susannah Walsh has convinced herself she has nothing left to live for. Seriously injured in an accident that left her twin children dead, her marriage falls apart after she catches her husband having sex with his male partner. Overwhelmed, suicide on her mind, she feels a sharp blow to the head and she finds herself waking in the year 1905. 

Adrian Sinclair cannot determine what to make of the oddly speaking, impertinent female in his bed, and he demands she get dressed and leave at once. She has nowhere to go and Adrian relents when he sees the soothing influence she has on his son, mute since the death of his mother months before. Adrian and Susannah soon find that they are soul mates and she hopes to live the rest of her life in 1905 - if only the fates will agree.

This is a fascinating tale of the macabre that follows Suzanne from wanting to die, to wanting nothing other than to live her life to the fullest in spite of her previous loss. This story is filled with secrets and deceit from the moment Suzanne finds herself in 1905. Every character has their own tale of woe and their own secrets, evil enough to unhinge the others in the household. The reader is constantly guessing as to how Adrian’s wife met her fate and why. This is a story that is too good to set down, even for a moment!

Belinda Wilson