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Timeless Regency Collection: A Christmas Promise
Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon, Jennifer Moore
Narrator: Kim Bretton

This audiobook contains 3 stories. In “Two Bells of Christmas”, Roland Hastings has just about given up on finding the right bride, so he heads home for a quiet Christmas with his widowed mother; however, she’s having a house party with prospective brides in attendance. Cassandra Bell poses as her twin sister after she falls ill, and ends up succeeding slightly too well.

All For You (Pine Valley Book 8)
Heather B. Moore
Narrator: Xe Sands

Lindsey Gerber is a lawyer hoping to become a partner in her firm, but she is receiving unwanted attention from a co-worker. This situation finally erupts, and she leaves her job abruptly to start over in Pine Valley. Tyler Nelson is a pro hockey player who is recovering from an injury in Pine Valley.

Julianna Leah Winslow, Viscountess of Mayborne, was widowed three years ago. Her son, Benjamin, is ready to take up residence at Mayborne Court as the new Viscount. While packing her late husband’s personal effects to clear the home for her son, Julianna comes across a jade elephant that bears haunting memories of a different time.

Allison Lee is an amateur photographer in high school. She loves photography and is even recognized often in her school paper, and by judges in a contest. She struggles with the abuse she suffers from the popular girls at school. Often snubbed and ridiculed, she is just a girl trying to survive the cruelty of high school.

A Distant Horizon

The potato blight has devastated Ireland. Ellen Kittrick’s family is left struggling to survive. As tragedies continue to befall the family, Ellen must be strong enough to not only help her family survive, but carve out a life where they can thrive.