One Thousand Years to Forever: The Making of a Queen


Katherine MacNamara survived the most horrific tragedy when the New York World Trade Center was under attack. Her husband John, a firefighter, reported to her building and was on his way up the stairwell when he came upon his wife who was fleeing in the opposite direction. There was an angel that appeared to assist Katherine and others out of the tower before it collapsed. The days and years that followed were devastating not only to Katherine and her children, but the entire country as well.  Katherine had some harsh words for the people responsible for the attack and the death of John, all caught on camera after his funeral. Those terrorist have not forgotten her words and want her life to end. This begins the chase. After 9 years Katherine has reconnected with her very familiar angel, Colum, and he vowed he would always keep her safe.

Reading the prologue takes the reader back to 9/11, as it’s referred to so commonly. The vivid images and strong emotions for anyone who recalls that dreadful morning come flooding back. This love story through time and through different worlds is done very gracefully. The characters and the plot are woven beautifully!  Moriarty did a wonderful job melding thousands of years of history with current day without missing a single beat. This novella is truly quite a gem!

Julie Caicco