One Night with a Witch (Keepers of the Veil #5)


He once vowed never to touch Pleiades witch Avery Donovan, but she becomes MI6 agent Eli Morgan’s biggest threat when she shows up to “rescue” him and he can’t keep his hands off her thanks to an unexpected spell. The mission Eli is on takes a deadly turn when something evil tries to possess his soul and only his soulmate can truly save him, which couldn’t possibly be Avery, since what they feel for each other is spell-induced. Right?

This addition to the ‘Keepers of the Veil’ series is an energetic and suspenseful addition with non-stop action and the strong, bold characters easily draw readers into their story and hold them spellbound from beginning to end.  Twists and turns keeps readers guessing while the fast-paced plot flows smoothly with lots of suspense-building events, unique elements and fascinating mythological lore. The story could have benefited from being made a bit longer and with a bit more fleshing out of the details, especially for readers who haven’t read the previous books in the series. The evil antagonist is also intriguing and causes readers to break out in chills as she does her best to take over Eli’s soul and proceed with her ultimate mission and the concluding event where the good guys try to oust the entity ups the chills down the spine as well. While a bit on the short side, readers can really sink their teeth into this spirited and entertaining read.

E.L. Hurley