Once In A Blue Moon


Casey Montgomery has had her fair share of bad relationships and decides that it’s time to find a dependable man who doesn’t have a bad boy instinct in him. However, her plans don’t exactly flow correctly when she meets Jake Benedict, a werewolf who immediately senses that Casey is not just any werewolf, but the one destined to be his mate. As Jake teaches her about being a werewolf, Casey tries to fight her feelings for him, scared that getting involved with another bad boy might end up with her getting hurt. But there’s something different about Jake. Something the others never had. 

As Paranormal romances go, this one was fantastic. Both characters, right from the beginning are well defined and the author takes them through the story at a pace where the reader will never get bored, and be keen to know what happens next. Jake is a completely hot alpha bad-boy werewolf while Casey is a strong, yet emotionally confused heroine. Well written, it takes the reader straight into the story in an escape that will keep them reading for hours. There are also some very saucy scenes with a definite hot under the collar feel to them. This author definitely knows how to write a bad boy alpha!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick