Nights Embrace (Others in Seattle #1)

Brandy L.

Roxana Nights has a gig to get to and her band is running late, all because of their drummer (and Roxy's ex-boyfriend), Jordan. They hear another band playing as they enter the club and Roxy is immediately drawn in by the voice she hears singing lead.  Trevor Malone is the man behind the voice and once they set eyes on each other, sparks are flying. Roxy tries to find him after their set but knows he's gone. Trevor locates her the next morning at her favorite coffee house in Seattle. They get to know each other better and plan to spend more time together. Trevor knows she is the one and tries to plan a good way to share his secret with Roxy, but the time never presents itself, until it's too late. Will he lose her or be able to hold on to her heart forever?


Ms. Rivers has a creative story for the paranormal and shifter readers. There are various types of werewolves and shifting beasts throughout the story. The characters are well thought out and create a great group to follow. There are some editing errors and parts of the story seem rushed and broken up. The instant love attraction is believable but the quickness of the relationship is not. A lot transpires in one week's time and readers may enjoy more in-depth scenes or situations that are not so rushed. The suspense and dangers that unfold will keep readers engaged and looking forward to more in this series.


Julie Caicco