Aiden Afflack is a vampire-hunting vampire.  His past was made tragic with his decision to become what he despises in order to have the ability to kill them.  He lives a life of hunting and feeding.  Since feeding can't be separated from sexual feelings, Aiden has no problems finding women or blood.  But one night's heroics are misconstrued by nature photographer Samantha Shea as an attack instead of a rescue. Sam Shea has a precognitive ability to sense strong weather patterns, a wonderful talent that has helped her career for years.  Recently, her feelings have been leading her to a new type of violence, and each time she comes face to face with the gorgeous but scary Aiden.  It takes a few run-ins, but these two finally come to the conclusion that Sam's visions now include the sites of vicious vampire attacks around the globe.  They form an uneasy partnership, with Sam leading Aiden to his next save and Aiden protecting Sam when her visions are simply weather related.

This was a remarkably fully fleshed-out novel with an exciting new take on vampires and their existence.  Aiden and Sam don't fight their attraction for long, realizing the inevitability of their romance.  Still, the focus remains on the fight to save innocent people from rogue vampires and also on the deep bond that Sam and Aiden share. Secondary characters play a major role and add both comic relief and depth to the vampire society. The sex is both endearingly awkward and explosively sexy, and the action scenes are intensely dangerous.  Overall, a thrilling second installment to Wilson's Serve and Protect series!


Nicole Duke