Night Angel (Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 2)


Nineteen-year-old university student Hannah McAllister is one of the few humans to know of the war between gargoyles and fae. Gargoyle Night Guardian, Seth Denton, saved Hannah once before, and has not forgotten the innocent beauty. A gargoyle for over a hundred years, he has had plenty of time to reflect on his questionable past and to know that he has no business going near Hannah. But when the fae attack Hannah again, nothing can stop Seth from protecting her. From their first meeting, Hannah was drawn to the sexy gargoyle. He might be out of her league but she believes him to be the guardian angel she needs against the evil staking claims on her soul. Hannah's purity and goodness are a beacon to Seth and he will do anything, risk anything, to keep her safe from the forces seeking to destroy them both. 

"Night Angel" is a taut, gripping paranormal romance that transports readers into a world where gargoyle guardians rule the night! Although Hannah is young, she has seen the dark side of humanity and the even darker side of the fae. Seth does not believe someone with his past deserves a woman like Hannah, but she definitely needs his protective side. The cruelty of the fae is on full display and the story throws in some unexpected twists with Seth's partner, Finn. This is the second book in the series and though a stand-alone, it took time to understand the world building and characters. Nonetheless, "Night Angel" will keep readers on the edge of their seats as Hannah and Seth fight a battle of hearts and souls to the very end!

Tricia Hill