New Sion


SCI-FI:  The Human colony of New Sion is not a hospitable place - especially for a woman.  Full of raiders, criminals and others believing that a woman cant be on her own, Fiona (aka Finn) has spent the last nine years dressed as a man. And shes doing quite well if you ask her. But things get more complicated when she partners up with Eamon to collect the bounty on the men she was forced to kill. 


Eamon needs a partner. And young Finn looks perfect for the role. Although he does seem somewhat reluctant, hell surely be able to convince her. Hes in for a surprise!

Diana Green has created a world reminiscent of the Wild West, but with aliens!  Fiona has had many tragedies in her life and she has still managed to prevail. She never once forgot her primary objective: find her sisters and avenge her fathers death at the hands of raiders. Eamon is a man of honor, who accepts Finn for what she is and doesnt try to shove her in the role of helpless damsel. The only glitches lie within the plot. It took a while for the main story-line to come through, and the resolution was decidedly anticlimactic. Even so, however, Ms. Green gives readers a thrilling ride that will capture the imagination!

Ana Smith