Nevermore – A Raven Crawford Novel #2


Raven Crawford comes from a family of shifters. As part fae/raven shifter, she killed the Corvid Queen and has now found herself in that role, with no idea how to do it. Working at a diner with her brother, Mike, working in the family private investigator business with her father, and now learning what it means to be Corvid Queen, Raven is in way over her head. Her newest investigation into her ex-boyfriend Robert just adds to the strain of what her life has become. Cole, the Lord of Shadows, is there to help her along the way in her new role as Corvid Queen, much to the dismay of her family. As her worlds collide, Raven must confront those who wish to harm her and her family and trust those who shouldn’t really be trusted.

Book two of the Raven Crawford series is a paranormal fantasy world of intrigue. The plot of this installment will keep the readers’ attention, but readers would be at a better advantage to start at book one of this series to completely understand what has brought Raven, Cole and others to this place in the storyline. There were some repeat sayings throughout the book and some colorful language that started to take away from the overall dramatic effect of the world Ms. McKenzie has created. Readers prone to avoiding vividly detailed violence need to be aware of a small scene that may not be to their liking. Some events were not resolved in book two, which will leave readers on the edge of their seats. This is an extremely creative paranormal read and one that readers of this genre will be anxiously awaiting the next installment!

Alison Ellis