The Necromancer’s Seduction, The Necromancer Books, #1


Ruby Montagne is a Professor of Anthropology and a Necromancer living in San Francisco. While she actively teaches at a University, she is not an active Necromancer.  Necromancers are rare and now that her grandmother is dead Ruby no longer has a cushion to keep the Supes and their world away. Different types of Supes are being murdered and they want Ruby to raise a witch as a revenant and use him to find the killer. Assuming Ruby has enough power to raise a Supe revenant then it should be a fairly simple task. However, when something seems simple that’s when it never is.


Sebastian has created a unique world in which all supernatural beings participate in an uneasy alliance in order to stay hidden from the humans. The demon realm is especially interesting. However, the world building is very meager and leaves the reader floundering in frustration. The love Ruby and the demon Ewan supposedly share isn’t very believable as there seems to be a disconnect between them and the lust they have for each other takes center stage, pushing the rest of the story aside. Emotions swing wildly about and are resolved with little explanation or believability. Ruby’s power and her connection with her revenants are also not explained in any great detail. The skeleton of an excellent story is here. It just needs further in-depth background development and more intricate character interaction to add meat on the bones.


Carol Conley