Natural Born Enemies

Gemma K.
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Adam Thomas' hair is constantly falling in his green eyes and the gleam that comes from them is nothing short of cat-like...for good reason.  Adam is a shifter, a black puma shifter.  He's a Marine, recently returned from war, and is looking to start back up where he left off with the raven-haired wolf shifter he left behind.

Luna McIntyre is the daughter of the wolf Alpha but left her pack when they didn't approve of her choice in Adam.  She struck out on her own, starting her own business as Cedar River, Michigan's resident Chocolatier.  She's never stopped loving Adam despite the town's objections to a puma/wolf match, but Adam has issues.  He's distancing himself from her--not sure he can overcome his haunting dreams and an inevitable challenge for his pride's Alpha position.  A position he never wanted.

Ms. Murray's Cedar River is warm and charming as ever in the second book of her Cedar River Series.  New characters weave in perfectly with old favorites and Cedar River continues to be a cozy town for visiting again and again.  There are a few distracting editing issues and the pacing was a little awkward toward the end.  The shaman element, though interesting, feels like overkill, but the steam factor was definitely amped up this go around.  WARNING:  Read this book armed with chocolates and cherry whip!  Ooh la la!

Sandy Ponton