The Naphil’s Kiss


Sarahri is the daughter of the demon Lilith and a human. Shes a succubus whose enemy is the Nephilim. Sarahi hates being a succubus. She wants to be like a normal human, to eat regular food. Instead she must feed on the lust of men to survive. Grieving over the loss of her latest lover she crosses paths with Lucien, a Naphil sworn to protect men from succubae. Lucien spends nearly 2000 years fighting his attraction for Sarahi until he can fight it no longer and breaks his vow of celibacy for the woman he loves. Their union produces a child, an incubus spoken of in a prophecy concerning a war between good and evil. But which side will their child take? 


A tale of forbidden attraction and love through the ages is sweet and has the reader cheering on the two potential lovers as century upon century passes. The fact that they are on opposites sides of a war make their love for each other that much more exciting. When they finally come together, their love for each other shines so brightly one can almost forgive the flaws. The story is oddly compelling despite a simplistic writing style, very little world building and incomplete characters. The story about love and good conquering evil makes for a decent reading experience even though the tale itself needs serious embellishment. If more time was spent expanding on the character personalities and detailing the world in which they live this tale would be one for the ages.


Carol Conley