Mystic Maples (Deerbourne Inn)

Mercy Rose is an Earth/Fire witch that owns a flower shop and has an insatiable curiosity that always gets her in trouble. After a break-in at her flower shop and subsequent court battle, she travels to the Deerbourne Inn for a much-needed getaway and finds more trouble in the form of a startling and handsome but mysterious man and his dog. When Mercy discovers that Silvanus Forrest’s land is enchanted, his life well-ordered life begins to unravel and they are catapulted into the past to right a wrong.
A magical and heartwarming story that takes place in a wonderful setting that exudes magic and a peaceful atmosphere. The story is a little on the short side which has readers wishing  the events and depth could have been explored more, but for the most part one can’t help but enjoy this entertaining read full of strong, captivating characters and a heartwarming romance. The plot is fast paced, and readers will be glued to the pages with magic, sweet romance, a mystery, a ghost, family and friends and someone up to no good. The story takes place over quite a span of time, so readers get a real feel for Mercy and Silvanus’s story, which is further enhanced by the wonderful holiday events that are celebrated throughout, and readers find themselves likening this tale to a “Hallmark Moment” that cheers the heart and puts smiles on their faces!
E.L. Hurley