My Storm Sprite: My Supernatural Boyfriend 2


Sasha, a storm sprite, delivers her baby and fears for his life. In order to protect her child, she must take him to Belyvan, her world. Unfortunately, travelling home is not easy due to the vampires and demons who would love the blood of a storm sprite child. Sasha’s mother keeps the baby while Sasha returns to Earth to find the demon who cursed her. The removal of the curse will allow Sasha to finally return home. However, Sasha is escorted back to Earth with another storm sprite, Thandoran, who has plans of his own. Sasha and Thandoran team up to help one another fight not only those who hunt them, but also the feelings they begin to develop for each other.

E.E. Everly spins a tale that is both humorous and suspenseful. Readers will wish they, too, had vampire friends, along with a hunky storm sprite. Sasha, a strong, independent woman, is much more of the story than the title and cover portray. Her confident ability to negotiate with demons, enter creepy castles filled with vicious vampires, all while she maintains her composure, will encourage readers to root for her. “My Storm Sprite” begins in what seems to be the middle of another story, which may confuse readers who are not familiar with the first book. Although, it is part of a series, “My Storm Sprite” could be a stand-alone book with a few key additional pieces of information that would enable readers to feel up-to-speed. The plot accelerates at an engaging pace, gratifying readers who will learn to not mess with a storm sprite and her supernatural boyfriend!

Moira Wolf