My Soul Immortal (Fated Eternals #1)


Jack Hammond cant die, hes tried. After losing his beloved Lydia, he doesnt want to live anymore. While living in Los Angeles he prevents a liquor store robbery and is fatally shot, twice. Fatal doesnt apply to Jack, so he must pack up and move on, again. With the throw of a dart, Portland, Maine will become his new home and it is the best thing that ever happens to Jack. After running into a woman, literally, she turns her emerald gaze upon him. How can it be? This woman, Leah, is the twin to his beloved Lydia. Its just not possible. 


Drowning his sorrows in a bar one night, Jack meets a stranger named Artagan. For some odd reason, Artagan seems to know all about Jack but hes never met this man before. When danger arrives, Artagan says he is there to help, but can Jack trust someone he doesnt know? Is Leah his beloved Lydia reborn? Will he be able to find the life-long happiness he has yearned for, for decades?


What an interesting take on immortality! The story starts out slowly, and Jack has a tendency to be somewhat whiny, making a reader want to tell him to grow a pair. Thankfully, once he meets Leah and Artagan the story picks up speed and intensity. Artagan has a tendency to steal the show with his kick butt badness! Ms. Printy has a unique twist to the beginnings of a new series, and leaves the reader impatiently wanting the next book !  


Lynne Bryant