My Lord Ax (Lovers of Leonesse #2)

Toni V.

FANTASY:  Axel Redhu is an experienced warlord and the illegitimate son of the vicomte of Purdha. He always obeyed his father, for he has great respect for him.  When he is ordered to marry princess Astrid of Nord, Purdhas greatest enemy, he is far from pleased. Not to mention that he had the rather unmanly wish to marry for love. Its with great prejudice against his betrothed that he steps into matrimony.


Astrid isnt too happy either. Because of two leaders basically bluffing each other she is forced to marry a barbarian warlord! The newlyweds are far from happy, but they have to make their marriage work. But, there is no force that can make their marriage a true and happy one. Truly. Except, maybe, love.

Seeing two dissimilar people thrust into the intimacy of marriage, and watching their feelings blossom can be truly rewarding. That holds true for this story. The problem lies with the characters and their immaturity. While Astrids behavior can be excused because of her sheltered upbringing, Axel has no such excuse. His reaction to his lords announcement of marriage is belligerent, dramatic and immature, especially for a man who is the kingdoms most bloodthirsty and skilled warrior. There are improvements over the course of the book, but the initial impression remains.  The other characters and their relationships are interesting, particularly between the respective fathers of the bride and groom.  Their banter is very entertaining! "My Lord Ax" is a romance with lots of antagonism, banter and ultimately true love.

Ana Smith