My Familiar Stranger


In a matter of minutes, Elora Laiken loses her world, friends, and family and is sent by a shift in time to another world to save her from the same fate.  When she reaches her destination she is hurt, and alien to those who find her.  While healing she meets Storm, part of the special elite force, Black Swan. He is attractive, friendly, and maybe even a man she can love. When she meets the rest of his team, however, she finds herself attracted to Ram, Storm's teammate. Life can be fickle at times, it takes then gives.
The elite Order of the Black Swan's team has had its share of loss. So, when this amazing woman lands in front of them out of thin air, what is a man to think? Storm has helped care for Elora since she landed at his feet, literally, and he can’t help falling for her. When Ram comes along and shows signs that he too is falling for Elora, life gets complicated for all. Throw a vampire into the mix and it gets down right impossible!  What is a girl to do when she finds more than one man willing and ready to give her everything?  
 What a steamy mix of strong men and an even stronger woman!  This story starts off with a bang and keeps wowing the reader with its twist and turns. Just when the one thinks they have this book figured out, it surprises again!  Intriguing and fanciful, “My Familiar Stranger” is well written and full of character.   It masterfully shows how heart strings can be pulled in many directions, but only given to the one that truly embraces your heart and soul.

Melody Prat