Motherducking Magic (Bad Magic Bounty Hunter Book 2)


Sylvie Orion has the reputation for being the worst witch, literally! Luckily, in her line of work as a supernatural bounty hunter, being smart is more important than magical prowess, at least most of the time. When her latest werewolf client disappears, the job should be a simple "hunt him down and bring him in" deal, but somehow along the way, Sylvie finds herself a wanted witch right along with him, and things seem to be getting worse at every turn. With an ancient relic missing too, if she cannot find it first and clear her name, then the very world could be in jeopardy — but no pressure or anything. 

Sylvie is a wisecracking witch with a sense of humor who makes the reader want to root for her from the first page. Although listed as book two, this is in fact the first in the series (book one is just the first chapter on Amazon). The story is fast paced, although at times it feels like that could be slowed, to allow the reader to get more information and clarification about certain things. There is very little romance, but scenes in Versailles would imply that some relationship might be shifting in the future. Whilst the reader does get some questions resolved in this book, the main issues are left hanging to be dealt with in a future installment. With some interesting insights into aspects of the more unusual supernatural lore, there is definitely potential for the sequel to shine. 

Melanie Newton