The Mortal Falls: Undercover Elementals Book One


After running from her past, Lindsey Porter wants nothing more than to mind her own business and keep her head down. But when she is framed for murder, she's forced to run for her life from a determined assassin who can change shape, and an equally determined and not-so-pleasant Sheriff. When running throws her into a parallel realm, she teams up with a very appealing man she can't seem to refuse. Nevan has been trapped by duty for a long time and when a beautiful human needs his help, he finds the strength to break the bonds that have been holding him and help her. As they fight to find the real killer, their feelings for one another become stronger than they ever thought possible. 


This is a fast-paced, exciting story with a very sexy alpha male who will do anything to keep his female safe. Lindsey Porter isn't a damsel in distress; she's strong and has been through a lot, which adds to her appeal. Murder, passion and magic are the best three words to describe this book. The dialogue is enjoyable and Ms. Durand has maintained the difference in language and dialect between humans and the elementals. Some repetitive description is a little distracting, however, as this is the first book in the series it will be great to see how the story progresses in further books. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick