Morning Magic (The Witches of New Moon Beach Book 1)


Olivia Merriman has graduated college and returned home to New Moon Beach where she can be with her father and two sisters while opening her dream shop, Mystique Creations. Like the rest of her immediate family, Olivia is a practicing witch, but lacks the spell-casting abilities possessed by her father and siblings, even aided by the guidance from her familiar, a copper-eyed cat named Miss Cassandra. Olivia’s store, which offers crafting and sewing lessons in addition to whimsical wares, is a success from the get-go, and she enjoys being able to work with her college roommate, Gail—until her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, shows up unexpectedly. Not only does his presence make getting over him impossible for Olivia, but she discovers he is in charge of the construction of a new hotel that might deliver a wrecking ball to Mystique Creations.

This lighthearted novel will appeal to readers looking for a light, humorous read. The text is in need of an editor to fix the numerous mistakes in punctuation, capitalization, subject/verb agreement and mistaken word choice (e.g. sight instead of site). At the beginning, the story is told in the present tense, but switches back and forth throughout from present to past, and moments occur when the narrator speaks directly to the reader that often disrupt the flow. With the grammar fixes, fleshing out of the characters and elaboration of details in certain scenes—such as the Halloween costume contest—“Morning Magic” could become an imaginative read that will hold readers captive under its spell. 

Claudette Melanson