Moonsworn (Pine Valley Wolves #1)


Kel O’Conley, DVM, has fought tooth and claw for her dream of treating supernaturals and their pets, and she’s not going to let anything or anyone get in her way, that is, until Tavis Alggear, Heir to a rival pack, appears at her clinic with a gravely injured werewolf. Tavis doesn’t know how to handle Kel. She completely disregards Tavis’ title, but he recognizes that she is his packmate’s best chance at survival. When Tavis’ alpha swears a blood oath – should the injured werewolf die, so does Kel – Kel has to protect herself and proposes a political mating with Tavis.  They must work together or lose everything, but Kel didn’t expect their white-hot attraction or to develop feelings for Tavis, considering their constant bickering. 

This series debut romance is a delightfully engaging story with strong, vibrant characters that grab readers’ attention and holds on tight. The romance between Tavis and Kel is fun, snarky, full of chemistry and heated clashes with sparks flying in every direction, guaranteeing there is never a dull moment to be found. Kel’s life with the Pine Valley wolves adds further complications and intrigue to the story because she’s living there under false pretenses in order to finish her education. Despite readers wondering about an obvious connection between Kel’s life and the murders that neither she nor Tavis saw coming, the fast-paced plot is full of thrilling suspense and excitement, and keeps readers on the edge of their seats with plenty of heart-pounding anticipation and enjoyable witty dialogue, stunning twists and a constant battle of wills between two dominant personalities.

E.L. Hurley