Moonlights Peril (Moonlight Series Book 1)


When her daughter goes missing and her ex is found dead, Bianca Archer needs as much help as possible to find her. Convinced that a commune took her child, she enlists the help of Law Foster. Law has his pack to consider when he decides to help Bianca, but it becomes even more complicated when he becomes attracted to her. As their feelings deepen, they come closer to finding the commune. Will they be able to find Bianca's daughter and stay together?


This book has everything - adventure, excitement, romance and some very hot passionate scenes! The story flows at a quick pace which works with the action in the story. The romance is well placed and the tension and relationship between the characters is fantastic. Even through the urgency of trying to find her daughter, Bianca's growing attraction to Law fits well and helps her. Ashlynn Monroe has written a great paranormal romance that readers will enjoy and will have them on the edge of their seat wondering if there will be a happy ending. The book, although the beginning of a series, also works as a standalone.  However, considering how good this book is, readers will be clamouring for the rest of the books in the series. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick