Moon, Mist, and Magic

Maureen L. Bonatch, L.A. Kelley, J.C. McKenzie,
Abigail Owen, Sharon Saracino

A Paranormal Romance Anthology, “Moon, Mist, & Magic” is a collection of five tales:  “A Ghost of a Chance”, in which Josie and her brother’s friend Bryce need to follow the ghost of Josie’s brother to find his body before time runs out; “Dangerous Dreams”, about Lara Stone, dragon shifter masquerading as a mage. When she is hired to play bodyguard to the dragon clan leader Rafael Dragoi, she risks not only her secret but also her heart; “Myths and Legends 101”, in which mild-mannered professor Jim Calloway is sucked into a hunt for a demon by an eccentric grandfather and his beautiful granddaughter Keilani; “The Keeper”, with Medical Examiner Olivia Duncan who finds herself being hunted by vampires for her secret. The only one who can protect her may be Nick Alexios, a mysterious man with his own agenda; and finally, in “Witch You Were Here”, where after years of building a successful business, Lucy gets a call for help from the man who broke her heart back in high school. This could be chance for revenge, except Shane may not have forgotten her after all, and might need more help from Lucy than he thought.

A fantastic anthology, “Moon, Mist, & Magic” contains short stories and prequel novellas giving a glimpse into the writing and worlds of these authors. Although many of the stories lack depth or complexity due to the short length, or involve a basic or predictable plot, all five tales include interesting characters, sweet to slightly steamy romance, and a steady pace. Furthermore, each story has a slightly different spin on the paranormal involving, vampires, shifters, ghosts, and witches. Therefore, any fan of paranormal romance will be able to find at least one hit among the five, making this a worthy read.

Sarah E. Bradley