A Moment in Time

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Jackie Clarke isn’t sure how it happened. One moment, she’s about to burn to death in an abandoned old saloon, the next – she’s back in 1891 and everybody thinks she’s a celebrated saloon singer. Not only was she conned by a man she thought she loved, but she’s stuck in the past, passing as one Lolita Belle... and she can’t even sing!
Things start to look up when she’s rescued by handsome Cole Morrison. Well, perhaps rescue isn’t the best word to use – kidnapping fits better. True, he is the lesser evil and all that jazz, but it still isn’t right. Even worse, he has reasons for his actions, so she can sympathize with him, but if she forgives him, there will be nothing to stop her from falling for him. What’s a woman to do when she falls for a man not from her time?
A well written story about a woman lost in the haze of time, and a man who falls in love with her. Jackie and Cole make a good couple, and their love story is enchanting - if slightly rushed. The suspense subplot is the weakest link - it is not well developed, and the villain is not dangerous or impressive enough – and lessens the reader’s enjoyment of the book. The story is interwoven with gentle and loving moments. Of course, there are some humorous situations – after all, putting a 20th century woman in the Wild West can cause some friction. Overall, it really is an enjoyably entertaining story worth reading!
Ana Smith