Into the Mist (Moonseed Trilogy)


Victoria Ashton was married to a man she didn't love and felt trapped by a life that she wanted to run away from. After finding a mysterious copper coin, she finds herself inhabiting the body of Katherine Kamarov, a spoiled narcissistic woman from the 1890's. Victoria discovers the startling truth: there have been other time travelers just like her and that within the year she will be forced to go back to her own time. Spending the next several months repairing familial relationships and finding love, Katherine and Victoria have vested their hearts and souls into their new lives, all the while knowing that time has grown short, and the new moon is coming. Can Victoria and Katherine overcome the magic of the moonseed, or will they be forced to leave everything they love behind?


“Into the Mist” is the final book in the Moonseed Trilogy. Judith Ingram's phenomenal storytelling pulls the reader into the worlds of these two distinct heroines. Her masterful transitioning and exceptional skill at weaving together the two time periods encourages one to want to read the trilogy in its entirety. Written in a lyrical prose with vivid details and astonishing realism, one is taken on an incredible journey as healing takes place and powerful lessons are learned. With thought provoking situations and heart pounding action, this character rich romance is an epic adventure! Longtime fans as well as new, will be overjoyed at the emotional finale of this can't miss series.


Chantel Hardge