Mirror, Mirror


After Adelle was jilted at the altar by the man she thought she would love and spend her life with, she is understandably gun-shy.  But, there are times when a date is an absolute necessity - like weddings, for instance.  That’s why it comes in very handy to have a best friend/roommate who is also a hot, hunky man.  Ben and Adelle have been friends since college and even though he is a player when it comes to women, their friendship has stood fast.  Neither has even remotely considered a romance between them - until a grandmotherly fortune teller insists Adelle look into her mirror to see who her true love is.  BEN? Now, what is Adelle to do with that information? Could she even want him in that way?  And most importantly, would he ever see her in that way?  As Adelle realizes the possibilities, hilarity ensues as she sets out to convince him she is the one he really wants.


What a fun, light-hearted quickie of a romance!   Coming in at only 128 pages, it surprisingly doesn’t feel incomplete!   The set-up is perfect for a novella-length story and the pacing is superbly executed to allow the story to be complete without short-changing the understanding behind the characters.  The Grandma/ghost aspect was a bit confusing and the bawdy humor seemed forced at times but overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable escape that will delight anyone in need of a giggle and a sigh after a long, hard day!


Ruth Lynn Ritter