The Midsummer Captives (Firethorn Chronicles #2)


FANTASY:  The world of Ilturia is never boring: the ruling Queen has 12 Princesses! Princess Gwen is second in line to the throne, but has given up on love and spends her life helping her sisters in all areas.  She fell in love with Prince Edric when he came to their castle four years ago, but he went missing with his Mother when they traveled back home.  As she travels with her younger sister to meet Princess Hazel’s betrothed, they are ambushed.  Gwen tries to save her sister by drawing the stone dragons away and she wraps herself up with a blindfolded man in a sorcerer’s enchanted forest. 


What a promising entry to the “Firethorn Chronicles” series!  “The Midsummer Captives” is a clean romance filled with love and mysteries of a new land that has parallels to our own world, and dragons and sorcerers play an integral part. Princess Gwen and Prince Edric are developed slowly throughout the entire story as individuals, but also in relationship with other characters.  Princess Gwen’s real struggle to understand how her heart and soul know she is love with Prince Edric, while her head tries to rationalize her situation shows a great depth that all can relate to.  The many adventures really draw the reader into the story. The ending is cut short and leaves the reader hanging for what happens to some of the characters.  YA and fantasy fans will be on tenterhooks until the next book!  


Laura Dinsdale