Recent Reviews

Anticipating Temptation
Randi Perrin
Narrator: Xe Sands

CONTEMPORARY:  Char Brown is overweight and overworked in a job that doesn’t appreciate her. When her long term boyfriend, who is too ashamed to bring her home to Mom, breaks up with her, Char’s world starts to crumble. Then she is asked to review Darryl Drummond’s new winery, and her whole life changes. The only thing Darryl seems to be more passionate about than wine is her.

Micah is a Being, one who used to be emotionless, but since he met Harliss Tanielu, big changes are happening fast and he’s losing control of everything. Harliss Tanielu is a wild cougar looking for a bit of excitement, which she finds when sparks fly upon meeting Micah.

Full of mistrust and fear, Adara Kerslake left Luke Griffiths after he captured her heart in order to keep her identity a secret from the Cynn Cruors. But the needs of a loved one forces her to reconnect and puts her back into the world she fought so hard to escape, including Luke and the passion that haunts her.

He doesn’t fall in love. Relationships make you weak and Dominic can’t be seen as weak because he makes people disappear for a living. But there is one woman who intrigues him… the very one his boss wants dead. She writes love stories and plans weddings to make dreams come true for others while secretly longing for her own happily ever after.

September’s Song
Ryan Jo

WOMEN'S FICTION:  A man awakes in a strange room, having no idea how he got there. He realizes he has no memories of anything — including his identity. The only clue is a military I.D. in a battered duffle bag. He spies a vent and quickly plots an escape. Once out, he finds a homeless shelter run by Father Patrick.