Midnight Conquest (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles #1)


Broderick MacDougal is on a quest to avenge the murders of his family by clan rival Angus, at any cost. To defeat him he sacrifices his humanity, becoming a vampire. Traveling the country with gypsies, he uses his psychic ability to read fortunes. Signs of Angus’ return lead Broderick to Davina, who he believes is helping to trap him.  Holding on to thoughts of the handsome gypsy Broderick who captured her imagination as a girl — and possibly her heart as well— has been a lifeline that has kept Davina strong through the heartbreaking abuse of her husband. When she meets Broderick as a woman and he doesn’t seem to remember her, only seemingly interested in bedding her, she must decide whether to trust her heart or protect herself and her child by staying away from him. Courageous, sweet, and incredibly strong, Davina endures a lot of brutality, pain, and suffering over the course of the novel, which at times is overwhelming. Broderick is charming, sexy, arrogant, and self-absorbed. His single-minded quest to avenge his family is challenged when Davina comes back into his life, reminding him of his desire for a family and love.

While it starts off slow and rambles at times with confusing storytelling and uneven pacing, a satisfying conclusion balances out the novel, which suffers from being the first book in a new series. Overall, Midnight Conquest is an entertaining historical/ paranormal romance with unique world-building, lush description, high drama, heroic characters, whiny villains, and steamy but angsty romance.


Lacy Hill