Midnight Captive: Bonded by Blood Vampire Chronicles, Bk 2

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When James Knightly comes home to Scotland to claim his promised bride, he does not expect to find a hellion trained in the use of blades, but he cannot deny the sizzling attraction that springs up between them upon being reunited. Cailin has grown up the adopted daughter of Broderick MacDougal, a Vamsyrian (vampire), and he has trained her in self-defense in an effort to keep her safe from his enemies. Broderick learns of a possible way to protect those he loves, and when he leaves to investigate further, his sworn enemy Angus Campbell seizes the opportunity to kidnap Cailin. Hellion or not, Cailin is in over her head, and it is up to James to rescue her from a foe who has them outmatched at every turn.

This book has a lot going for it.  The setting of medieval Scotland feels authentic, and the vampire mythology, while familiar, has enough subtle differences to keep it from becoming old hat. As a heroine, Cailin is a bit hard to root for. She acts very immature at times and makes some very poor decisions. There is also a storyline about a prophecy concerning Broderick that seems intriguing, but one would have to read the first book in this series to be able to fully understand how it relates to this story. Above all, the love scenes between James and Cailin as well as between Broderick and his wife, Davina, are sexy enough to keep readers toasty on these early spring nights!

Leslie Stokes