Midnight Burning


Solina goes to Alaska to clean out her twin brother Mani’s apartment. No one knows why he was killed, only that he was murdered in a particularly gruesome manner. She wants to learn the truth behind his death. The only person she knows up there is Val and he doesn’t seem to be the person she thinks he is. After a few odd incidents, Solina realizes that nothing in this little town is as it seems. She is dealing with killer wolves, Valkyries, and Norse gods. Even she wields a power she never knew about until coming here. Solina means sun and she has the power of fire. It’s enough to make a girl think she’s going  insane!


This is a clever story that weaves Nordic legend in with a modern-day story. The Nordic gods, with their different powers and weaknesses, really add to what could otherwise be a pedestrian story. There are a few editing issues that take away from the story. There are extra words within sentences that interfere with the flow. Thorin and Val tend to fall flat as characters. They don’t have much depth to them, they are just there as protectors and to help with the progression of the story. There are also issues that are never resolved. Solina is a full-bodied character. She evolves throughout the piece. This reader really hopes there is a sequel to this book to learn what happens to Solina, her family, and the other main characters.


Belinda Wilson