Midnight Ash (A Blushing Death Novel # 2)

Suzanne M.

Dahlia Sabin, also known as The Blushing Death, has been plunged into the middle of a vampire war with a 500 year-old vampire ninja assassin named Midnight Ash on the loose. When Dahlia discovers that she is the main quarry of the ninja assassin, she needs to uncover who is behind the plot to kill her and persuade the men in her life to join forces to help her. Complications arise when Dahlia’s love for the mesmerizing vampire, Patrick, gets blurred with her feelings for the beta werewolf, Danny. Add in the tempting Pack Alpha, Dean, and Dahlia has more than she can handle.


This entertaining paranormal romantic fantasy has a tough human heroine, charismatic love interests, and an intriguing plot. The aspect of the love triangle, although not an original storyline within paranormal genres, introduces a 500 year-old vampire ninja assassin, which is an innovation on the original theme. As” Midnight Ash” is book 2 in the Blushing Death Series, it should not be read as a stand-alone novel. The first third of the book has the reader trying to understand the characters, how they are interrelated, and brings up the question of why a mere human is successful as an assassin of paranormals.


The heroine’s love vacillation is a bit tedious at times and seems to deal too prominently in her life considering the imminent threat of the assassin, while her penchant for wearing heels while battling paranormals seems unrealistic. However, this well written story has a mixture of action, steamy sex, and enough suspense to interest the readers of paranormal fantasy.   


Janna Shay