Midnight Angel (The Council Book #1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kat Shaw is viciously attacked by a demon. Unfortunately, before she is rescued she is bitten several times. Now, she has a link with the demon and sees when he is with his victims. She is forced to watch scene after gruesome scene play out as he kills and dismembers his human prey. If it weren’t for Berith and his band of fallen angels with their “gifts”, Kat would go insane, waiting for the demon to come after her again.


Midnight Angel” is a tale of terror that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as the demon stalks Kat, ready to finish off the job he started when he first attacked her. The storyline is wonderful, but too many other problems bog it down, taking away from what could have been a great story. The author has taken no time to evaluate her writing and leaves in punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, extra words, and neglects to notice words that are missing, leaving the reader to second guess what the writer is trying to say. The beginning of the story is filled with extraneous material that has no bearing on the actual story.  The dialogue is stilted and makes it seem as though the characters are all uncomfortable with one another, which is not the case. With a good rewrite this could be a wonderful story that would be enjoyed by fans of shifter literature.


Belinda Wilson