Midnight’s Flight (Cynn Cruor Bloodline)


Full of mistrust and fear, Adara Kerslake left Luke Griffiths after he captured her heart in order to keep her identity a secret from the Cynn Cruors. But the needs of a loved one forces her to reconnect and puts her back into the world she fought so hard to escape, including Luke and the passion that haunts her. Spiraling after Adara’s desertion, Luke accepts a mission that could mean death for him and banishment of the Manchester Cynn Cruors. The last thing he wants is to become involved with Adara again, but when someone finds out who she is, he can’t stay away.

Adara and Luke have a magnetic chemistry that readers can feel from every page, and their relationship is full of turbulent emotions and suspenseful events that keep readers glued to the pages of this fast paced story. While the majority of the story is easily understood, there are some dialogue scenes that contain language readers may find difficult pronouncing, which interrupts the flow. Also, the overall plot of the series is complex and revolves around the Cynn Cruors warriors and various enemies, and readers may find themselves a bit lost at the beginning if they haven’t read the previous books. Readers are kept on the edge of their seats throughout this story with thrilling suspense, excitement and surprising twists that take place in a fascinating and exhilarating world full of strong, captivating characters that readers will want more of.

E.L. Hurley