Midnight’s Fate (The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Book 4)


In the midst of the blistering Honduran jungle heat, Zac McBain and his Cynn warrior brothers are in pursuit of an elusive blend of silver - the one thing that can not only eliminate them but their immortal enemies as well. When the Cynn and Scatha Cruor clash, an all-out combative campaign for control over the long fabled precious metal ensues. Faith Hannah never expected to be kidnapped by a rebel gang in Honduras while performing humanitarian work, let alone forced into a supernatural war that’s been raging for centuries. When Zac suddenly catches sight of Faith amongst the noise and carnage of battle, only one sound echoes true – “Mine!” But with rejection and denial looming on the surface, can destiny dominate and force the hand of passion or will reality diminish their encounter as simply lust?


In this fourth installment of Ms. Cate’s Cynn Cruors Bloodline series, the reader is treated to intertwined secondary characters that provide a unique layer of both camaraderie and brotherhood. However, newcomers use caution. While this book may be read as a stand-alone, it’s best as a series accompaniment. Rookies may feel lost with jargon and vocabulary previously defined in this novel’s predecessors. Nonetheless, one will not require a glossary but a fan to cool themselves from the sweltering intimacies between Zac and Faith! In addition, the main characters are thoughtfully fleshed out with their own engaging history and dilemmas fueling the reader’s intrigue. Fans of Ms. Cate’s will both applaud and salivate for this novel! 


Stephanie Lodes