Midnight’s Atonement (The Cynn Cruor Bloodline #3)


Graeme is a Cynn Cruor and a former Templar Knight, injured in hunting Dac Valerian. Healing from his injury is taking much longer than it should. While waiting to get his strength back in the Faesten, he meets Kate Corrigan. He wants her in a bad way and has never dealt with a woman who told him no before. Why does she bring up these feelings in him - desire, possessiveness and protectiveness - when he doesn’t even know her?


Kate Corrigan is an investigative journalist who has been trying to bring down councilor Elliott Hammond. She knows he runs a human trafficking ring, but no one can prove it. Her best friends are kidnapped because of evidence she has against him, and Graeme is one of the only people who can help her. What they don’t realize is that Graeme has been searching for Elliott for centuries.


“Midnight’s Atonement” is book three in the Cynn Cruor series. It is recommended that one reads the series in order to understand all the terminology. There is no back story so one will find it difficult to understand what a Cynn Cruor, Scatha Cruor and a Faesten is, among other jargon. A few of the transitions could use a bit of work as well. The biggest problem is the believability aspect of Kate and Graeme having wild sex while her friends could possibly be sold as human sex slaves. With some back story to guide the reader, this would be an amazing tale full of hot steamy paranormal beings!


Lynne Bryant