The Mercenary (Therian Secrets #1)


Jodie Fletcher has come to the realization that shape-shifters exist. Not only do they exist, some want her dead. She also finds out that it’s all due to her brother. So what’s a girls to do when she finds herself drawn to a leopard?  Especially one that keeps saving her life, and turns out to be a man she can’t seem take her eyes from - a man that makes her feel things she has never felt before.


Danny Archer is leading a very dangerous undercover life with no room for a woman to take his mind off the job. Staying away from Jodie is not an option when his leopard heart can’t get enough of her. Secrets that can be deadly also stand in the way. Can Danny convince Jodie to accept the shifter world?  


Readers will not only find the answers but thoroughly enjoy the search in this thrilling adventure! The author has deftly brought Shifters of all kinds together to save mankind from those who want to wreak havoc. This is a witty story, although at times repetitive, but not disappointing. Introducing readers to this world of hard nose shifters that just want to be understood is an superb way to start a new series! 


Melody Prat