Meows and Mistletoe

Candace Colt, Sharon Buchbinder, Kristal Hollis, Debra Jess,
Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Mia Ellas, Kerry Evelyn, Darcy Devlon

In “Collywobbles for Christmas” by Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Gaby and James get a second chance at love after missing their chance to be together centuries earlier. “Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Detective” by Sharon Buchbinder, introduces Charly, who soon learns she’s magical, and with her special kitten by her side, finds clients – and true love. In “Gnome for the Holidays” by Kristal Hollis, Lily kisses a garden gnome who turns into a man. Can Lily help Nicholas find his true love and break the curse he’s been under for centuries?  “Ring Ma Bell,” by Debra Jess, has Dvorah Levi still mourning the loss of her beloved, 40 years later. Can one of the magical Sherwood cats bring him back to make Dvorah’s holiday perfect? “Familiar Blessings” by Candance Colt is a time travelling story where two unlikely people find love while trying to rescue a young boy from centuries past. “Purrfectly Christmas” by Mia Ellas introduces Sormey, a Faerie living as a human, who risks more than she bargained for by helping a werewolf detective solve a crime. In “Christmas at Moon Mist Manor” by Kerry Evelyn, Matt and Lanie celebrate a baby-moon in Cat’s Paw Cove and learn what’s truly important with the help of their kitten, Pippi. In “New Year’s Kiss” by Darcy Devlon, Trina and Griffin must overcome a difficult past in order to break the curse on him.

These talented authors, each with their own distinct style of writing, manage to create a mythical town that will delight any reader. Their clever craftsmanship delivers continuity of details concerning Cat’s Paw Cove and its magical inhabitants, and each individual story provides plenty of feelings as the featured couples work to get their happily ever afters. Overall, a charming anthology of Christmas stories that is worth curling up with over the holidays.

Katy Nielsen