For the Memory of Dragons (Dragons of Eternity, Book Two)


FANTASY:  Terra hears what sounds like an explosion in her back field. When she goes out to investigate, she finds a huge blue dragon. Before her very eyes, he transforms into a handsome and very naked man. When he finally awakens in her home, hours later, he has no idea who he is or how he came to be in Terra’s field. All they know is that people are looking for him and they aren’t exactly from the Welcome Wagon. Alex has something that they want, but he has no clue as to what that might be. Terra is pulled into the drama simply because she wants to help Alex. She has no idea how drastically it will change her life.


Alex and Terra are the stars in this story of mystery and intrigue. They are certain of their wants and needs and aren’t afraid to let them be known. Alex projects strength even though he has amnesia. He has a strong sense of duty and needs to get his memory back in order to complete his mission. The secondary characters tend to stay in the dark background of the story. There are missing words throughout the piece which disrupt the flow of the tale and the end drops many loose ends. Even so, a great twist on a dragon’s story, and well worth the read.


Belinda Wilson