Memories of a Ghost


There is a storm brewing, and Claire Summers is at the center of it. Awakening in a clinic with no memory of who she is, a terror-stricken Claire eludes security and the woman claiming to be her best friend. As she struggles to piece together her identity, she discovers phenomenal powers at her disposal. There are many people and entities seeking to possess her powers as their own - but who will reach her first? Will it be Mr. Kingfisher and Mr. Quarry, the death-dealing supernatural bounty hunters? Or will it be Gabriel Locke, newly resurrected zombie? Will the battle for Claire’s soul be one in which no one, including Claire herself can win?


"Memories of a Ghost" is an intriguing dark tale of ghosts, zombies and an abundance of supernatural happenings. In the never-ending battle between good and evil, this eclectic cast of characters is caught between the worlds of the living and the dead. The layering of the supernatural occurrences is heavy and a bit distracting during the middle of the novel. Although one may find the multiple plotlines confusing at the start, the story does eventually come to a seamless conclusion. While a casual reader might find a difficult time keeping up with and enjoying the story, experienced horror fans will adore the sinister feel of the multi-faceted world created before them. 


Chantel Hardge