The Mate (Fire's Edge #0.5)


Discovering that she is a dragon shifter, has Maddie Thompson feeling like her world has just turned upside down. She never quite fit into the human world and this new reality feels oddly right. Being told that she needs to choose a mate and will die if she chooses wrong is something else entirely. Fallon Conleth is shocked when he is summoned as a potential mate. Mates are rare and many dragons never find theirs. Fallon feels as if others deserve it more and plans to go through the motions so he can return home. That is until he sees Maddie, the human he let walk away. Despite having broken her heart once, Fallon is determined to convince her they are meant to be. If not, they will both die. 

Dragon shifters bring the heat in this paranormal prequel. The title says it all. Mates and dragons shifters are old tropes that don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and Miss Owen’s story brings nothing new to the table.  Regardless, it has an interesting and detailed mythology as well as lifelike characters. For being the prequel to a series, however, it seems that a lot has happened before the story even begins. The author is quick to fill in the gaps, but it still feels like the reader is missing a whole other story. Initially, it is also difficult to like the leads. Their stubbornness and pride leads to conflicts and misunderstandings without a real reason for either to exist.  That being said, the character growth and heartwarming happily ever after is worth the frustration.  

Arec Rain