Matching Bloodlines – The Princeton Allegiant Series, Book 3


After five centuries of existence and three decades without his mate, Francisco St. Claire, vampire Commander of the Princeton, NJ Allegiant is more than ready to die. However, his new Lord, Loren Tagaris manages to put a hold on his suicidal plans with a match-making mission for the unmated warriors under his command. Charlotte Kincaid is overwhelmed with caring for her sick twin sister and the corporate betrayal of her business partner when she receives the fantastic proposal to find mates for more than a dozen vampire men. The instant attraction between Francisco and Charlotte is just one of the many obstacles the two must overcome to ensure the warriors in his squad find human women they can now legally turn. They must decide if they are willing to go against the rules and let their desires lead them to a match filled with blood and passion.

If one likes gorgeous sexy vampires, beautiful intelligent women, scorching love scenes, and heart-pounding action, Deborah Garland’s third installment in her Princeton Allegiant series will not disappoint!  Characters are brilliantly interesting people who capture the reader’s attention. The vibrant supernatural world of hidden in plain sight and politically driven vampire warriors is dynamically real. The vividly erotic nature of the main characters’ carnal thoughts is so blazingly intense readers may need oven mitts to turn the page! Mysterious hints of betrayal and a block-buster worthy action scene will whet the appetite and drown readers in suspense. A unique twist to the familiar vampire tale of blood tingling yearnings and angst filled conflicts, “Matching Bloodlines” is an explosive, erotically charged thriller that will leave readers panting for more!

Tonya Mathenia