Mastering Darkness (A Forest of Darkness Book 1)


Anthony is struggling as the Master Vampire of Atlanta. Juggling the co-habitation of vampire and shifters in the territory is a full-time task that’s left him bitter and jaded. Encouraged by his friends to take an evening off from his duties, he stumbles upon the beautiful Kaia. Blind to her other worldly surroundings, she has no idea what resides in the same apartment complex as Anthony’s greatest adversary. As Anthony attempts to balance his newfound love and Master Vampire responsibilities he finds the connection they share surpasses anything he’s ever felt. Torn between her own affections and running from her previous life, can she trust Anthony with her secrets? 


Just when a reader thinks they’ve read all that paranormal has to offer, along comes a refreshing new spin! Fans will not only devour this anchoring novel, but will be left wanting more! With well-rounded, three-dimensional characters, the author draws the reader into a world where both vampire and shifter co-exist in an uncommon hierarchy. 

The author also does a unique job in showing the hero’s internal turmoil and conflict. Between past relationship fails, and the high-pressure demands that come with being a leader, many will find themselves relating to his struggle. However, some may feel left wanting more detail pertaining to Kaia’s complexities. One thing is for certain though, one will not be left wishing for more spark and heat! Readers looking for their next paranormal, mystery, romance book look no further!


Stephanie Lodes