Master of Time (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys Book 3)


Meuric is a half-emrys - son of a mortal man and an immortal mother - who has chosen to follow his dark side. This causes great difficulties in his life, especially right now. He has accidentally caused himself and Catrin to travel back in time, and they’ve landed in the middle of the freezing ocean. Catrin is an emrys and she channels heat-giving light. It is this light that will save Meuric many times during their venture into the past. They will discover their destiny is to be in the past in order to protect the future. But first, they must escape the evil dark entity that keeps following them through time and space.


Through the storytelling talent of Ms. Rector, emrys, dragons, tegyds and Eilian all come to life in this allegorical tale. A “Notable Figures & Pronunciation Guide” at the back of the book is very helpful, but would be more useful at the beginning of the novel. Starting out slowly, the tale gathers momentum as the story progresses into a real page turner. It is a beautiful thing to watch Meuric evolve throughout his novel. There are many varied characters in this tome, all full-bodied and with depth. Many varied backdrops add color to the adventure, beginning with the hot lava flows at the volcano, moving on to the enchanted forest, and finally making it back home.  Although the third book in a series, “Master of Time” works well as a standalone novel.


Belinda Wilson