Master of Roads


A desperate woman, Leani will do anything to get out of the oath her brother made to wed her to the victor of the battle being fought between Husa the Bloody, and Secol the Torturer. She doesn't want to marry a man who is brutal and has killed many, or one that she doesn't love. Her only hope is to seek out and pray to the Master of Roads.

For a story that is only 26 pages long, Ms. Keeley has created characters so well written and with such intrigue and angst that the reader is left frustrated one wants to read more! Because of the abbreviated length, there isn't enough depth to really grab and hold onto. One sympathises with Leani and the desperation she feels to find love instead of marrying out of duty. It is a beautifully written story, one with emotion, mysticism, and a touch of romance. One word of caution, however, the ending may not be what you expect.

Tonya Smalley