Master of Lies: Chronicles of the Half-Emrys Book 1


“Master of Lies” opens with an expansive prologue to allow the reader to know that the story takes place in a mythical place in a mythical time. Think “Lord of the Rings” scenery with good dragons as opposed to gold-stealing ones. Emrys were the race that could communicate, ride, and care for dragons. One deluded Emry left with her dragon, starting the race of Half Emrys. The dragons and their keepers remain hidden in a mythical sanctuary due to greed and corruption. There are those who would use the dragons for their own purposes.


Ahnalyn, the protagonist, is about to get married to the prince, whom she’s only met a few times, but she likes him. She’s also a Half-Emry and has the ability to wield the powers of dark and light. She’s not yet into that part of her life, as her heritage has been hidden from her. When the possibility of entering this world of the immortals arises she must decide which side she’ll be on. The dark side appears to be the easier choice.

“Master of Lies” is a well-written fantasy that should appeal to young adults. The descriptions are detailed and vivid. It also paints everything in broad strokes signifying it is either bad or good, no shades of gray happening here.

The drawbacks are the tropes taken from everything from fairy tales to fantasy stories, which leave this tale sadly unoriginal. This is not on the same caliber of “Dragonriders of Pern” to which it bears a resemblance. Young readers won’t mind at all.

Morgan Stamm