Marked by Love: Taurus (Zodiac Shifters, #10)


Danae is finally free from her abusive husband, but the centuries of emotional scars are hard to banish when her first love unexpectedly reenters her life. Aramond is a rogue Panthera shifter. In all his long years he’s never fit in anywhere. While he yearns for the woman he couldn’t have he travels extensively, constantly hunting down their enemy, the Gossum. It’s during one such hunt that he discovers Danae and the safe house she runs for warriors. Centuries of rejection mark Aramond with doubt and centuries of abuse leave Danae wary. Will they have the courage to fight past the old pains and start fresh?

Wow! Does Ms. Redd know how to tug on heartstrings or what? Watching Danae and Aramond dance around each other is at times painful but the shifting POV (complete with inner monologues), allows one moments of hope. These two want to believe, need to believe, that they are meant for each other — if they can only break away from the past. Unfortunately, the brevity of the story hinders character and world development, leaving one with an impression that things are a tad out of focus. Returning readers may not have these same issues, but new readers will flounder a bit in the dark before gaining traction. However, the emotions spilling out across the page offset these issues.  This story could be read as a standalone, but it may be better suited for those who have been with the Zodiac Shifters from the beginning.  All in all, this is one satisfying read!

Carol Conley