The Mark of Abel


URBAN FANTASY:  In Mark of Abel, Lucifer is a man on a mission. Ever since he was thrown out of heaven for his unrequited love for Eve, he has sworn to be reunited with her via her reincarnations as artists who were murdered throughout history.  He doesn’t believe that Janie, an artist who is tormented by horrible nightmares and her bloody paintings, could be Eve’s latest artistic incarnation.  Yet, he must protect her from the Grigori, vampires who are bent on killing her.

“Mark of Abel” is an ambitious urban fantasy story that doesn’t live up to its goal.  In order to make the Devil, aka Lucifer, a sympathetic character, the author takes liberties with Biblical truths that will make it hard for some readers to accept. In addition, the world-building is confusing.  Events don’t seem to explain the "whys" of Lucifer’s choices made in the Garden, nor does it show a consistent view of characters like God or Jesus.  While Janie is a sympathetic character, her actions seem more like a cypher to express anger towards God for world tragedies.  Janie’s personality zigzags from scene to scene, which makes sense in light of her sufferings and resulting mental anguish. Readers may feel the characters’ actions come off as author commentary instead of being consistent to the story itself.  Overall, Mark of Abel is a disappointing read because the writing doesn’t succeed in fulfilling the objective of redeeming the character of Lucifer in a believable way.


Danielle Hill