Mandy's Story (Fang Chronicles #4)


Mandy, a wolf-shifter, has tried to be patient and wait until she was “old enough” by shifter standards to claim Honey, her stubborn bear of a mate. She really did! But now, they’re preparing for war with cats, and she’s heard whispers he might be taking *gasp* a mate. Clearly she needs to take matters in her own hands…by kidnapping him.

Oh, hell no! No one takes down a Kodiak without a fight. Mandy might be the most beautiful, precious future mate ever, but nobody treats Honey like this! Soon he’ll escape her and show her what mating is really like… If she doesn’t show him first.

Oh, fun, fun, fun! “Mandy’s Story” is written with the kind of humor reminiscent of Shelly Laurenston  - bordering on outrageous, with amusingly, well, crazy characters that just make readers laugh and feel warm and fuzzy. An added bonus is the out-of-control heat between Honey and Mandy as they try to upend each other and find a way to stay together (HINT: it involves, ahem, interesting costumes and role playing).

This book is just too short!  Not just because there could have been more to enjoy, but because important details are missing. There just isn’t enough about the world, its rules, current circumstances, past events being alluded to (from previous novels-which should probably be read first)… Readers might be confused. Also, more page time would have added a bit more complexity to the characters and the relationship. When reading, though, those details get drowned out by the sheer entertainment and excitement this novel offers!

Mimi Smith